#2 - Mon June 25 to Fri June 29 - 10am to 2pm - $250

In the Crossfire Finishing Camp we utilize training exercises that require players to perform physically and cognitively in game-like situations. The selected training exercises will provide each player with a high number of repetitions for striking the ball. Throughout training, players will be provided with constructive feedback that focuses on the proper angle of approach, position of the kicking and non-kicking foot as contact is made, follow through after striking the ball, and then landing on the kicking foot after contact with the ball.

Upon completion of the camp, each player will receive a copy of their recording along with an individualized training program targeted at helping them improve their striking of the ball. The individualized training program will provide varied individual technical exercises for the player to work on over the course of summer. At the end of the summer, players will be re-evaluated on either August 21, 22, or 23, from 11.30am to 12.30pm. During this time players will be recorded in the same manner as in June so a side-by-side assessment can be completed. A brief analysis of this assessment will be provided following the completion of the re-evaluation in August.

Please contact fraser@losc.org for questions and to schedule player re-evaluation.




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Finishing Camp will consist of:

Different ways to strike the ball - Inside of foot, outside of foot, and laces

When to finish (closer to goal) and when to shoot (further away from goal)

Ball skills to create the half yard of space to get a shot off

PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT - The emphasis is on good training habits. Working hard in all areas of an exercise and for the entire duration of the exercise. Practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent.

REPETITION - Within the guise of the above we utilize exercises that are game like in that they provide lots of repetition. We want exercises that provide large numbers of reps at a high quality. Players also need to make sure they work on their general skill level outside of regular camp, trainings, and games.

MOVEMENT - All of the exercises begin with players moving. We used the mantra RUNS SHOULD DICTATE PASSES, PASSES SHOULD NOT DICTATE RUNS in order to encourage/remind the players to move. It will be explained that their movement should be DEFINITIVE in that it should be DEFINITE in its direction and it should DEFINE where the ball should be played. We also encourage players to move side to side so they opened up seams and stay on-side until the ball is played. TIMING of movement will be addressed also. DON'T go too early and telegraph what you are doing but DON'T be too late as the opportunity will have passed.

DISTANCE FROM GOAL/SURFACE OF FOOT - Inside of the foot will provide more accuracy whereas the laces will provide more power. Each player needs to figure out their range but we talk about the use of different surfaces of the foot depending on the distance from goal. We also worked on some volleys and then a little bit of heading.

MOVE AS THE BALL MOVES - We encourage players to move and find pockets of space as the ball moves from one player to another. Based on the fact that opposition eyes track the ball it is a good time for our players to find pockets of space to play in as the ball moves. Players can play with greater quality when they have time and space.

DIFFERENT RUNS - We talk about curled runs to open up space and then diagonal runs that allow players to move across defenders and then also get forwards in front of goalkeepers.

COMBINATIONS TO BREAK PRESSURE - If you dribble at me with a ball I will follow you. If you lay the ball off and make a run I will let you go. No one likes to follow someone making a run without the ball. So we employed exercises that involved players executing combinations to break pressure and create scoring opportunities. The quicker the combination is executed the better the chance of it being successful. Players will have a better chance of executing if they are skillful which requires lots and lots of good quality REPETITIONS.

NOT PLAYING THE OBVIOUS PASS - As players we typically play the ball to the closest player (1st runner). The problem is that player is obvious to us. They are also obvious to the other team. So we worked on playing the ball to the 2nd runner and not being obvious.

DON'T STAND STILL AND DON'T STAND WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HIPS - Something every player should be reminded of, DON'T STAND WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HIPS. This pose means a player has switched off. If you've switched off you either won't get the ball or when you get it you will have no idea what is the best option. So we constantly reminded players to not stand still but instead to keep moving and be a nuisance to opposition defenders.

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.