Player Development Guidelines

Crossfire Oregon 'development and results'

At Crossfire Oregon we firmly believe that a strong focus on development and results is important in order to provide our players with a platform to improve the quality of their play to its highest potential.  We do this by focusing on a number of areas:

Quality Team Training - Our exceptional coaches are instructed to provide excellent training sessions geared towards creating an environment that forces each player to improve in order to keep up with the level of play that is aspired to.  There is also an empahsis on the intensity of training sessions to ensure that they match the intensity of game situations.  The more prepared our players are to compete in game like situations the better they will perform during actual games.

Additional Technical, Tactical, and Functional Training - Outside of regular training we provide functional training sessions geared towards training players in their positions.  This is done by grouping players together by position and impressing upon them the tendencies of players within those positions.  For example we'll take a group of forwards and allow them to go through exercises giving them lots of repetitions in scoring exercises in and around the goal.  Then as we work with them in the attacking 1/3 of the field we'll focus on their movement and reading of the game.  Players will be encouraged to make runs away from spaces they ultimately want to attack in order to create space to exploit.  They'll also be encouraged to curve their runs in order to open up spaces in between opposing defenders and to stay onside for a greater period of time.

Focus On Skill Development Outside Of Training And Games - Our players are constantly reminded that the more they can do with a ball the more they will enjoy the game.  This enjoyment will be based on a couple of different components.  Firstly, the more they can do with a ball the more likely they are to garner increased minutes on the field of play.  Furthermore, the more they can do with the ball the better their ability to have tight touches, play accurate passes, and play passes that are well timed and weighted giving the recepients the greatest chance possible to do something positive with the ball.

Emphasis On Development And Results At Differing Stages Of The Season - Over the course of the season our coaches will spend periods focusing on playing all players and utilizing teachable moments to get their message accross.  During important stages of the season such as tournament semi-finals and finals and State Cup our coaches will elevate the importance of winning.  We feel that it is important to adjust during different stages of the season so our players learn to win.