2018/2019 Cost breakdown for playing Classic Soccer with Crossfire Oregon

Club Fee (May 2018 through April 2019) $1495.00

Field Fee $100.00 (Pays for ongoing field development costs and also field rentals for training and games)

Uniform Fee Approx $250.00 - Only paid when teams enter into a new uniform cycle.

Classic Fee Covers - Coaching Fees (June 2018 through May 2019), CROSSFIRE OREGON Club Registration Fees, Coaching Equipment, State Cup/Presidents Cup Tournament Registration fees, CROSSFIRE OREGON business operating expenses, and coach mileage reimbursement for out of town trips during league.

Out-of-State Tournaments - Most of our teams will travel to tournaments out-of-state. These tournaments typically cost in the region of $1,000.00. Most teams will likely travel to one tournament of this type per season apart from during Sophomore and Junior age teams who may travel more due to college recruiting opportunities. THIS FEE IS FOR AN OUT-OF-STATE TOURNAMENT WHERE THE TEAM FLIES TO THE DESTINATION. OUT-OF-STATE TOURNAMENTS, WHICH THE TEAM DRIVES TO ARE TYPICALLY $500 IN COST.

Refunds - There will be no refund of the tryout fee for any reason.

Upon acceptance of a position on a team the player will pay a deposit of $350. There is no refund of the deposit.

When a player accepts a position on a team they accept the fees associated with being a member of the team. Unfortunately there are times when we are unable to offer a position on a team to a player based on another player's acceptance of a position. Therefore, we feel that when an individual accepts a position on a team they should accept the fees associated. As a result of this we do not refund any fees paid.